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ALLO Vapor Disposable Vape

Shop ALLO Disposable Vape (Canada). Introducing the Allo Disposable, an all-in-one ready to vape nicotine delivery system intuitively designed to be disposed once empty. Featuring a lightweight and compact design with over-inhale protection to guarantee to deliver smooth and flavourful draws with ease.

We Carry Allo Ultra 800 & Allo Ultra 1600 which are 800 puffs, 1600 puff devices along with the full collection of flavours.

  • Flavour Variety - Allo Disposables are available in a number of different flavours so that there is something for everything
  • Ease of Use - Allo Disposables come fully charged when you get them and are draw-activated for effortless use
  • Long Lasting - With 3.8mL of eliquid and a 550mAh internal battery in the Allo Ultra 800 and 6.8mL of eliquid and a 1000mAh battery in the Allo Ultra 1600, these disposables will go further and keep up with all day use without a problem