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SMOK NORD Pod System Kit


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SMOK NORD Kit - 1100mAh Pod System

The SMOK Nord Kit (Canada) is an aesthetically pleasing, compact, mouth-to-lung pod system device. Featuring a push-to-fire button operation and a built-in 1100mAh battery, the SMOK Nord Pod System Kit manages to provide an exceptional amount of power for such a small vape mod, ultimately giving other pod kits a run for their money. The SMOK Nord Vape is the big brother to the fantastic Novo.

The SMOK Nord Pod System operates from 10W-15W and utilizes a flavour punch packing mesh coil setup.

Due to the nature of design, manufacturing, and unique resin elements, each SMOK NORD Starter Kit in Resin Edition features its own distinctive colourway and patterning. Photos are for reference.

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FAQ about the SMOK Nord

How do I use my SMOK Nord?

To vape the SMOK Nord, simply press and hold the fire button while the mouthpiece is placed between your lips. From their, simply inhale and release the button when you’ve inhaled enough vapor.

How do I charge my SMOK Nord?

The SMOK Nord utilized a USB 3 charging port, meaning any USB 3 charging cable can be used to refill the device’s battery. The USB charging cable provided with the device can be connected to any standard power brick or plugged into a USB port.

How do I check the battery power on my SMOK Nord?

To check the battery life on your SMOK Nord, simply press the fire button twice and the LED with light up showing different colours. Red indicates the battery is lower than 30%, orange denotes power between 30% and 70%, while green indicates battery power higher than 70%.

How do I fill my SMOK Nord pod with e-liquid?

Start by detaching the pod from the device and pull out the rubber plug positioned on the side of the device. From there, simply squeeze e-liquid into the fill hole and stop once the pod is almost full, being sure to leave some air in the pod. Finally, press the rubber plug back into the fill hole and place it back into your device.

How do I change the coil on my Nord?

Detach the pod from the device, turn the pod upside down, and simply pull the old coil out from the bottom of the pod. Insert the new coil in the same cavity and simply press it into place.

Customer Reviews

Based on 21 reviews
Carissa Baynes

SMOK NORD 15W Starter Kit

Emily Mckinley

The pod leaked quite a bit after I put in a new coil but overall it hits well and battery lasts me longer than other vapes I’ve owned. But since the pod leaks I do end up going through juice faster which is disappointing.

Carrie Canavan



The Nord pod is awesome! Highly recommend it.

Giewer Ilagan

SMOK Nord Pod System Starter Kit

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