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Squid Industries TAC 21 200W Box Mod

Squid Industries

  • $94.95

Squid Industries TAC 21 200W Box Mod

The Squid Industries TAC 21 200W Box Mod (Canada) is a power upgrade to the Double Barrel 2.1 with higher maximum wattage and updated top-mounted OLED Screen with accommodation for dual 20700 batteries.

Maintaining the highly ergonomic structure with high-end Stainless Steel reinforcement, the structure of the Squid Industries TAC 21 Mod conforms to dual 20700 batteries with the option of utilizing dual 18650 (batteries are sold separately). The TAC-21 have a maximum power output of 200W, with a multi-function dial fire switch for a multitudes of adjustments.

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Customer Reviews

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Magnus Bakke

Numerous problems:

1. When shaken, the mod momentarily disconnects, causing it to reboot.

2. The mod does not remember whether or not it's locked or not after rebooting. Therefore, after a jerky movement, the mod unlocks (see problem #1), so you will accidentally increase the wattage without noticing.

3. Adding to #2, the wheel is extremely finicky. A 10th of a "click" might equate to 5 Watt.

4. The extremely dumb bypass mode (maximum power, no safety features, no practical use) gets accidentally triggered all the time, causing burning fumes to fill your lungs. I have a hard time believing this is healthy. No engineer worth a spit would overlook this. This will cause tour coils to burn out weekly.

5. The finish is extremely cheap, and 80% had rubbed off in 8 months, revealing a rugged aluminum interior.

6. The mod is advertised as a dual 21700 mod, but attempting to insert a 21700 battery will strip its protective wrapping, causing out-of-control heat release and possibly an explosion.

7. The exposed-battery design makes it extremely vulnerable to moisture. Another dangerous design feature.

8. There is no time limit on the release button. If any mod will ever burn your house down in your sleep, this is it.

That's eight deal breakers in one crappy mod. I'm honestly amazed that an actual team of presumably educated human beings managed to design such a disaster of a product.

Truly the worst product I have ever had the misfortune of owning, and I don't say that lightly. I've actually dwelled on whether or not this is true, and I have concluded that it is, 100%, and I know it in my heart. Congratulations, Squid Industries!

Winona Streich

wow, it's a amazing mod :-) Absolute Perfect!!!! Extremely fast Shipping One of the best mods i ever had, build quality is awesome

Tito Senger

This mod is great and the seller is awesome

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