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UWELL Caliburn AK2 Pod Kit


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Uwell Caliburn AK2 Pod Kit

The Uwell CALIBURN AK2 Pod Kit (Canada) has a compact and ergonomic design. It houses a 520mAh battery and has a 2ml vape juice capacity, ensuring about 600 puffs per device that make you have a premium experience. This pod which allows being refilled is compatible with a 0.9ohm UN2 Meshed-H coil that is easy to replace and offers an excellent vape experience. When it comes to its distinguishably zesty flavours, it has a lot to choose from, which extends the selection of units.

The Uwell Caliburn AK2 Kit (Caliburn KOKO 2) supports both direct draw and button draw, outputs at power 15W by 520mAh built-in battery. Last but not least, the Caliburn AK2 is made of Aluminum Alloy material which is smoothing, polishing, and comfortable grip.

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Customer Reviews

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Daniel Pronce
Best product. Best seller.

UWELL offer the best products. Liberty Vape is the best seller. Caliburn AK2 is amazing!


Always perfect, speedy service from Liberty vape!

Samantha Camber

UWELL Caliburn AK2 Pod Kit

George Schmidt
Very happy with this

Bought my first one on the recommendation of a vape shop in Kanata, and ordered two more the next week. Gives a good amount of vapor and heats at a nice low temp which makes it very smooth. The size is pretty handy, although that does make for low capacity for the juice. The battery life is ok for its size. These are my new favorite !

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That Canadian Vaper Guy
THEE Pod System. The Best Pod System

The Caliburn AK2 has been the best pod system I've had. Period.

The 0.9ohm coils give you a nice, flavorful vape and the 15W output, gives you a nice, and constantly warm vape. It is literally the Caliburn A2 in a different form factor, and Uwell has mastered their autodraw. So there is absolutely zero need for the button draw. Other than if you want to use the button to heat up the coil before you have your draw, but there is zero start up time in the autodraw. It is an instant, snappy vape as soon as you start your draw, so there is really no use for a button. So the AK2 is perfect for those that dislike or find the button fire on the Caliburn A2 annoying, the AK2 is for you!

And the pods. The Pro FOCS coil heads give you a very consistent and long lasting experience throughout. The A2 pods that are interchangeable between the A2 and AK2 batteries, can last you maybe up to 4 weeks depending on your use! And they fixed the problem with the Caliburn G! With the Caliburn G, the drip tip mouthpiece would eventually break down and lose its shape eventually over time, which would eventually cause leaking within the pod itself. Can I say eventually more than I've already said? I eventually will. But this happens because the drip tip mouthpiece is there to essentially seal the entire pod on the Caliburns, and this is the case with every Caliburn pod. But with the G, the mouth piece would eventually wear out and weaken, which would then not completely seal the tank on the pod, which in turn causes slight to heavy leakage depending on how long you've used the pod. With the pods on the A2 and AK2, you throw away the pod and the mouthpiece is stronger which keeps the seal airtight on the pod which keeps a complete seal on the tank. Meaning that the A2 pods are completely leak proof during your use! Other than flooding on the coil, which happens only due to overly hard draws on the pod or when you overfill your pod, then the overfilled coil will seep through the seal and you find a teensy bit of liquid on the bottom of your pod. But basic maintenance of the pods will take care of that problem, and this is especially important with the AK2 as to not damage the autodraw function because with the AK2, you are completely relying on that autodraw function. So basically you would have to go *out of your way* to cause leakage on the A2 pods. Just maintain your pods and device properly and you will find no issue whatsoever with the device!

So with the 0.9ohm coils on a 15W output battery that has a 520 mah battery life, it can last you from the start of your morning until the evening, and then you have to charge it up. But with the type C charging, a complete full charge in 35 minutes. I timed it, and 30 mins to 90% and 37 mins to a full charge. Also, there is no drop in performance until the battery life hits red. Being a direct output device, that is pretty impressive!

So with the AK2, you have everything you need and could want in a pod system. The battery itself looks slick and beautiful! I am currently using the Turquoise Blue AK2, and the color is OUTSTANDING on this device! The lanyard also is the best lanyard out of all of the Koko lanyards. The silicone material is amazing and doesn't snag or get caught on your skin or hair like the original Koko lanyard, and it is also stealthy and stylish and not at all obnoxious like the Koko Primes lanyard. There is literally nothing to complain about the AK2. With the small but powerful and reliable size, this is thee pod system. Best flavor and vape quality for the size.

5 stars out of 5 stars for this avid vaper.

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