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SMOK Nord 50W Pod Kit


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The SMOK Nord 50W Pod Kit (Canada) is powered by a built-in 1800mah battery with max 50 Watt output. The SMOK NORD 50 comes with two versatile pods, LP2 and NORD, SMOK NORD 50W empty replacement pod. It works perfectly with the upgraded airflow system to deliver scrumptious flavour and massive vapor: one is the Nord pod compatible with the Nord coil series, and the other is the LP2 pod compatible with the LP2 coil series with enhanced leak-proof technology.

The SMOK Nord 50 50W Starter Kit has a 4.0ml or 4.5mL e-liquid or salt nicotine capacity tank depending on the pod used.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Jamie Harris

First off great service and selection. My only issue with the vape is it does leak if it’s on its side. Other than that perfect.

Chance Clarke-kuzman

I got the wrong vape, I wanted the 50w nord but I got the 80w and got coils for the 50w but the 80w takes different coils

Meryl Rannankari
Nord 50 watt a good vape

Already had one. Really a replacement for one that quit working. I find it reliable and easy to use. The pods leak a bit at times which is frustrating. Decent price point too.

Ben Burt


Smok Nord 50Watt

I got this vape coming from a Nord 4, which lasted me forever with heavy use. I figured because it was from the nord series, and newer than the 4, I would be getting a similar quality vape. I was definitely wrong. The battery is only 200mah smaller than the nord 4 i believe, yet the battery does not last even close to as long. The pods also leak way worse than my Nord 4. I really wish I would have went for the Nord 5 since it was the same price. I do however love the lower ohm coils that you can get for this. It hits way better than the RPM 0.4 mesh coils. It works for now, but I'm definitely not that happy with my purchase. I also really don't like the control interface mostly because there is no lock like the nord 4, and because it constantly gets put into the wattage change mode if you accidentally hit the button twice.

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