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STLTH Vape Starter Kit


  • $14.95

STLTH Vape Starter Kit

The STLTH Vape Starter Kit (Canada) is a newer, cheaper alternative to the JUUL Device! This is a fully closed pod system – meaning you do not fill the pods with your own Juice but choose from the STLTH family of branded, magnetic, ceramic coil, pre-filled 2ml flavour cartridges – making it super easy to use, without the mess of coils or refills.

The STLTH Starter Kit is an impressive all-in-one vape pen mod at an affordable price that feels like a much more expensive unit in your hand. Good, slim, lightweight vaporizer without being too small. The Stealth Vape Mod Kit has a long lasting 420mAh internal battery, which charges easily with the convenience of a universal micro USB port. No proprietary cables or docks needed to buy.

The STLTH Vape (Canada) Anodized mods are new in stock. There are two options to choose from, STLTH Starter Kit which includes 1x Berry Blast 35mg Pod or just the STLTH Device only. Please choose accordingly from the drop-down Menu.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 83 reviews
Léo Huynh-Harkala

Liberty vape is the best vape shop I ever dealed with online. I will keep ordering with them

Ashley Stevenson
easy to use

for being a beginner vape or I picked this and I am very satisfied just seems that the battery could be a little better but for the price I mean I would recommend this for anybody from beginner to long standing vapers. mean

William Lees
Great delivery from you guys, poor product

Had the device for 3 days before it started blinking white lights constantly, device is fried, and I only ever charged through low voltage applications.

Susie Whynacht
Love these vapes

The best 5 * review from me

stlth batteries

these batteries last a long time but if u need to charge keep it right by u so u can see when it is charged leaving them on the charger say overnight will ruin ur battery quicker i have 5 batteries so i always have one but do not let it sit on the charger for any length of time after charged n this isn't only these batteries all in yr phone etc it wil extend the life of it way longer i still have my first one n did it like that i'd read it n i left it a cpl times n it was dead inside 2 months.

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