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UWELL Caliburn A2 Pod Kit


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Uwell Caliburn A2 Pod Kit

The Uwell CALIBURN A2 Pod Kit (Canada) is equipped with a leak-proof top filling system and has a visible window through the mod to make the e-liquid check easy. With PRO-FOCS technology, the built-in FeCrAI UN2 Meshed-H 0.9 Ω Coil can bring you an authentic flavour.

The Uwell Caliburn A2 Kit supports both direct draw and button draw, outputs at power 15W by 520mAh built-in battery. Last but not least, the Caliburn A2 is made of Aluminum Alloy material which is smoothing, polishing, and comfortable grip.

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Customer Reviews

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Cody Steffens
Faulty Item

Within a few weeks of owning and using the device the LED permanently stays lit green even when it is turned off. This is an incredibly common issue for them as i've read dozens of reviews saying the same thing. Can't recommend with this poor quality control.

Valerie Lebrasseur

UWELL Caliburn A2 Pod Kit

Anna Yarusch
New client

The kit and the store was recommended by a family member who is also a client of the store. The product is great and easy to use and I recommend it to all....
Thank you

James Hughes
Just Ok.

Let me start with quality: Of the 2 vapes i ordered, one malfunctioned almost immediately. The charge light stayed on all the time after charging and would not shut off even after trying the off sequence. The cartridges are ok but after filling one, it had a hairline crack I could not see and it leaked all over the desk. Thankfully I did not put it in the device as that would have surely killed my second one. Taste: was fine, but 2 carts went bad burnt within 48 hours. Price: good, but I guess you get what you pay for. 3 stars, but would consider other products first.

Pearson Fiddler
Flawless Pod System. Long, In Depth Review of the A2!

The Uwell Caliburn A2. The Caliburn A2!

This is a perfect pod system! I've written a review on the Caliburn G and the Koko Prime, and those were amazing pod systems. The only flaw that I recognized on the Caliburn G and the Koko Prime, was the airflow.

The loose side on the G was too loose and the tighter airflow was too tight. And with the Caliburn A2, Uwell has found the perfect middle ground! Airflow; perfect! Not too tight and not too loose. 0.9 ohm pods on a 15W battery? The G was a bit hot on the 0.8 Ohm coils with a 18W battery, and the A2 solves that. You get that amazing throat hit and get a nice, warm vape with the 0.9 ohm coils on the 15W battery that doesn't run too hot. And the Pro FOCS pods, I said it on the G/Koko Prime review. Amazing pods and leakage is basically nonexistent with these pods. You get a few drops on the bottom pf the pods, but that's only due to filling the pods with the CRC pods we have in Canada. The CRC protective system we have in these pods cause a drip of some juice during filling, but that's only due to filling the pod itself. You never find the A2 Pods leaking during everyday use, so just make sure you clean the pod before and/or after refilling the pod and you are good to go. Basically just regular maintenance and other than that, no leaking. So Coils/pods; amazing.

Taste? The taste on these pods are one of the best on the market. The mesh coilheads are a big improvement over the OG Caliburn and the mix of the 0.9 ohm coils and the 15W on the battery, mix in that Pro FOCs technology on the pods that recycle the condensation in the pods to create more juice? Amazing vape experience. The 0.9 ohms cause a nice, crisp, pungent vape and it is great! Especially when you start a fresh pod, the initial vapes are crackly and dense, such a great experience and when the cotton gets full of e liquid, it starts vaping like a champ. No other words to describe it, this thing vapes like a champ. And the pods last a LONG time! A LOOOONG time! One pod can last up to 4 weeks with proper care and maintenance, then you put in a new one, good to go! Taste and experience; phenomenal.

Battery life? 520mah battery is okay. You would think it would run out of battery life quite quickly, but on a 15W battery and with the 0.9 ohm coils, you do not burn through e liquid or battery life that fast. You don't burn through power due to the lower resistance on the coil heads and 15W isn't as high as the G, so a full charge battery life can last you pretty much all day, and I was a heavy, pack a day smoker before I found vaping, so that is saying something. It does tend to flash blue/red during the later hours of the day, but plug and charge while you can vape it, and only a half hour for the advertised 90% charge time in a half hour? It isn't a lie. USB C quick charge, really does charge to basically full life in a half hour, so the battery is phenomenal. Battery; amazing.

Improvements! So many improvements on the A2. The e liquid window check, such a simple but amazing solution. The little tiny windows on the G was horrible and you would still have to pull out the pod itself to check the juice. But the window on the A2 is big enough so you can clearly see the liquid level, small but enormous improvement. And the design of the pod system itself! The curved edges are very ergonomic and it just feels nice in hand. Plus the button being flush with the pod system? BIG improvement! It does not fire in your pocket due to the fire button being pressed as easily due to the design of the button protruding from the pod system. So no worries of the pod firing on it's own and possibly burning the coil.

So overall, Uwell hit a homerun with the A2. It is an upgrade to the OG Caliburn, but they took the flaws of the Caliburn G and they improved on it. My only recommendation, get a lighter color of the A2. I thought I was getting the blue battery, but i apparently ordered the black battery and it makes it kind of hard to see the e liquid clearly even with the large window. But that's due to the dark hue of the black battery, and if you get a blue or an orange battery, then you would be able to see the liquid easily, I assume.

Best, simple pod system on the market. This system deserves nothing less than 5 stars.

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