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UWELL Caliburn A2S Pod Kit


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Uwell Caliburn A2S Pod Kit

The Uwell CALIBURN A2S Pod Kit (Canada) is a pocket-friendly pod system for vaping on the go. Integrated a 520mAh rechargeable battery into the lightweight aluminum alloy chassis, the UWELL CALIBURN A2S POD KIT [CRC] adopts a draw activated firing system with constant voltage output reaching up to 15W. Featuring a silicone stoppered top filling system to hold 2.0ml of your favorite E-juices or Nic salts, the UWELL CALIBURN A2S POD KIT [CRC] comes with an integrated 1.2OHM mesh coil to provide delicious and smooth vapor. Moreover, the UWELL CALIBURN A2S POD KIT [CRC] is also compatible with the UWELL CALIBURN A2 REPLACEMENT POD (4 PACK) [CRC] which features a top filling design.

Uwell CALIBURN A2S 15W Pod Kit Features:


Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Seth McLean
Caliburn to

It’s it’s OK it’s actually nice hitting this going. It’s it’s it’s a great Vape I recommend.

Simone Carriere
Caliburn A2S

Personally I'm not happy with this vape pen. I found the draw very loose and it gives a metallic aftertaste. I've changed the pod and made sure it soaked for 10 minutes before using it. Nothing seem to help and continue to get metal aftertaste. I use nic salts. I did replace it with G version and that one is way better!

Not a fan

After maybe 6 days the light started acting wacky and just stays on 100% of the time until it dies. It dies a lot faster now and I’ve retired mine now… I recommend the a2 or ak2 over the a2s

Possibly The Best Caliburn To Date

Now, if you go back to almost each Caliburn on this site, you'll see me rave about each Caliburn, and for good reason.

But the A2S is no different. It has that classic Caliburn flavor and great hit and warmth, draw right in the middle of loose and tight, and such a sleek aesthetic! Performance wise, it's a Caliburn. If you've used previous Caliburns, you know what to expect. But the A2S simply refines and polishes what was already an amazing pod system. Aesthetically, the A2S is a beauty, with gradient color schemes or hard colors that pop, it just looks gorgeous.

The only aspect of the Caliburn that I know people will complain about, is that Uwell removed the top fill system with the new A2S pods. But top fill pod systems are prone to leaking, which makes the A2S even more attractive because it removes the only con I ever had about previous Caliburns.

With top fill systems, the mouth piece, top cap of the Caliburn pods have rubber grommets on the inside of their pods, which then cover and seal the fill hole and airflow escape hole. If you use a pod for any amount of time longer than 2 weeks, the integrity of that top cap mouth piece will start to fail, due to the constant snapping off of the top cap. This would make the top cap less tight, which weakens the seal on the pod system, causing a weak vacuum within the pod, which then in turn causes leakage.

With the A2S, they listened to people's complaints and fixed the leakage issue with Caliburns, but in doing so, Uwell had to remove the top fill system for a silicone, rubber plug side fill system. Each method of filling has their pros and cons, but the silicone plug will prevent leaking more assuredly than the top fill system.

But here's the great thing about the A2S; if you aren't a fan of the rubber plug system and find the top fill more convenient, the A2S pod system is backwards compatible with the Caliburn A2 pods and vice versa!

Uwell has covered all of their bases with the Caliburn A2S, and in my opinion, have created the best Caliburn to date.

5 stars from me.

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