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QP Design

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QP Design NIO RDA / RSA Master Kit

The QP Design Nio RDA/RSA Master Kit (Canada) is a single coil RDA that uses a bottom and side airflow to enhance flavour and boost cloud production. Additionally, built into this RDA is a unique over-squonk release port that is featured underneath the lower deck bridge just under the airflow. This feature will prevent the dreaded overflow when squonking with the 4mm deep e-juice well.

Most noteworthy is the added RDA barrels granting you the pleasure of using either the black (Stainless Steel) or the silver (Stainless Steel) version. On top of that, included in the NIO RDA/RSA Master Kit is five additional drip tips and beauty rings giving you a total of 12 different colour combination options making this RDA the most customizable RDA on the market today.

QP Design NIO RDA / RSA Master Kit Features:

*Colored caps (Not recommended to be use with Acidic or Menthol Juices could get damaged use Ultem or Delrin caps for juice like that)

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Pretty awful

I had high hopes for this RDA. Unfortunately there isn't much I like about it.

The chassis is too crowded, resulting in a lot of spit back and burnt lips. The airflows are awful and leak all over the place if you squonk just a little too much. They also whistle quite a lot when inhaling. There's leakage between the base and beauty rings. It's not enjoyable to work with in any regard, with the exception of the ease of installing the coils.

I'm so disappointed and wish I could get my money back.

Too Much Plastic, Tiny Deck

I really want to support a Canadian vape company, but this RDA is brutally bad. No locking mechanism, so the cap will spin on the base all day, 510 driptip I was hoping wouldn't be an issue, but it's so restrictive after having a ton of airflow available. All kinds of plastic crap included which is just silly and worst of all, if you have the coil high enough for great flavor, the drip tips are so short you get burnt lips, but lower the coil and flavor drops off immediately. Save yourself money and effort when Liberty restocks the wotofo elder dragon and buy 2 for less money instead

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