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Our STLTH Pro & Pro X Pods are the lowest priced packs in Canada! We carry all the new & best Stlth Pro Pod Flavors including a huge selection of STLTH Pro Compatible pods. All our STLTH Pro Pod Packs are Compatible with the STLTH PRO Vape Device. STLTH Pro Replacement Pods come with two (2) cartridges in each pack.

The STLTH PRO Pods is meticulously designed with the user's needs in mind, providing an impressive 4mL e-liquid capacity per pod & STLTH Pro X Pods provide 5.5mL per pod, expertly tailored for all-day usage. Stay effortlessly informed about your e-liquid levels, thanks to the device's transparent e-liquid container, eliminating any unexpected surprises.

Experience an unrivalled level of comfort and enhanced usability with the STLTH PRO's ergonomic design and soft-touch sensation. Our carefully crafted soft-tip mouthpiece takes your vaping to new heights, ensuring an unparalleled level of satisfaction.

Enjoy a worry-free and mess-free vaping experience with STLTH PRO Pods, ingeniously engineered with advanced protection. Each pod pack is sealed for freshness, and upon opening, simply remove the freshness rod from the mouthpiece and begin vaping immediately. This preserves the pod's freshness until its first use, guaranteeing a consistently delightful vaping experience.


Save 15% when you purchase 10 or more STLTH PRO Pod Packs, discount generated automatically when 10 Packs or more are added to Cart and receive free shipping!