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UWELL Caliburn G / KOKO Prime Replacement Pods


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UWELL Caliburn G / KOKO Prime Replacement Pods

The UWELL Caliburn G Pods (Canada) in CRC version is a replacement pod cartridge that is suitable for the Uwell Caliburn G and KOKO Prime Pod Kits. It can hold 1.6mL e-juice capacity and features 0.8ohm/1.0ohm coil resistance. It comes with top filling design for easy refilling.

The UWELL Caliburn G / Koko Prime Replacement Pods come with your choice of a 0.8ohm pod coil or 1.0ohm pod coil and comes in a pack of two (2) refill Pod Cartridges.

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Customer Reviews

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Suzanne Quinn
Suzy’s review

Completely satisfied and will never smoke again!!


UWELL Caliburn G / KOKO Prime Replacement Pods

Gary O'Neill
Coil is one-time-use and cannot be replaced

Be sure before buying that this is what you want, because the product description doesn't make it clear:

This item contains 2x Caliburn G pods with coils pre-installed in them.
However these pods are not quite the same as the ones that came with my Caliburn G unit.
- they hold 1.6mL instead of 2.0mL
- the fill hole doesn't have the normal silicone check valve, but rather a spring-loaded stopper that appears to be a child safety feature
- most importantly, the coil is not removable so the entire pod must be tossed when the coil burns out

Tyler wiedenman
Best vape I've ever had.

I would highly recommend the caliburn g to anyone, even the people who smoke the two battery mods. It rivals the 2 battery vape mods in clouds and has a very good battery life. I have experienced no leakage which is nice as my smok rpm leaks constantly. It's cheap and the coils will last 4-8 days or longer depending how much you vape and with coils for a four pack at just 13$ you cant go wrong. I started on the big two battery mods which would make me cough from the vape juice blowback the caliburn g has to piping or spitting into your mouth. It saves your juice for a long time and charges in 30 mins flat. Definitely would recommend.
Tyler wiedenman.

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