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UWELL Caliburn KOKO PRIME 15W Pod Kit


  • $35.95

UWELL Caliburn KOKO PRIME 15W Pod Kit

The Uwell Caliburn KOKO Prime Pod Kit (Canada) offers a 690mAh battery, magnetic decorative panels, and compatibility with the Caliburn G coils and Pod Series.

The UWELL Caliburn Koko Prime 15W Pod System Kit is constructed from durable zinc-alloy, the chassis is ergonomic and portable, easily fitting in the hand and pocket. Equipped with a 2mL e-liquid capacity refillable pod from the Caliburn G, the Caliburn KOKO Prime uses the Caliburn G Coils to produce outstanding vapor and flavour with the 0.8ohm meshed coil and introduces a new 1.0ohm FeCrAl coil for those that are more flavour oriented and love the MTL aspect of vaping.

The Uwell Caliburn (Coco) Koko Prime Kit features an integrated 690mAh battery and can be recharged via Type-C USB Port while providing long lasting power.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Kelsey Crowe
Best vape

The best salt nic vape I have had. Had one before switched to the GK2 and had to switch back it’s got a tighter draw, long lasting battery, the pods last so long compared to the A2 and G2 pods.

Best Vape

This is the best salt nic vape i’ve had by far. Long lasting battery, no button (no need to worry about accidentally firing it), the lanyard makes it easy to find & hold on to, these pods are better than the G2 in my opinion, no spit up and they last 3 weeks without tasting burnt.

Anna Aronyk

UWELL Caliburn KOKO PRIME 15W Pod Kit

Sassy Talavera

It definitely helps me to vape inside.. however i wish that it has more tighter execution of air.. but overall its amazing.. easy to fullcharge and i didnt change my pod after a month..literally money saver..😊

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Pearson Fiddler
Flawless and Almost Perfect!

Now the title might be contradictory on itself, but it holds true in terms of what I love about it.

The device itself, love it. People hate the splatter paint panels, I'm personally indifferent to it and as long as the device does its job, I can deal. And that's the case with the Koko Prime!

15W give the coils a nice and flavorful hit, not surprising as it's a part of the Caliburn family of products and is simply the Caliburn G in a different form factor.

The 0.8 ohm coils have a nice and warm hit and is very satisfying! Very enjoyable. The 1.0 ohm coils produce that same satisfying flavor, but the heat is subdued and isn't as present. You get more of a cool drag with the 1.0 coils. I personally like the 0.8 coils, as I like the warmer hit that you get from the 0.8s.

Also, the PRO Focs technology! This helps recycle your liquids and uses the condensation in the pod and coil and adds it to the pod. And something that is not mentioned as much as it should be, zero spitback! I've had the Caliburn G and the Koko Prime for quite some time now and have experienced ZERO spitback from the pods! Such a big improvement on the OG Caliburn, which was satisfying in it's own right, suffered from quite a bit of spitback. The PRO Focs coils and pods have seemingly fixed that issue. And do the pods leak? Not really, not in my experience anyway. Fill the pod with juice, and after some time, check the juice level, and you will notice that there are some drips on the bottom of the pod. It doesn't happen that often, probably once every 2-4 weeks you will notice some liquid on the bottom of the pod. Personally, I don't think the pods were leaking. Its simply just dripping from the top fill system and you occasionally get a bit of liquid at the bottom of the pods. But not as much as the OG Caliburn, and other than a "true leak," these pods have remained bone dry.

And now, why is the device flawless but *almost* perfect? The airflow. Beautiful airflow and amazing hits on both settings. Put the pod with the airflow hole on the right, you get more of an open hit. On the left, you get more of a tighter draw. With the 0.8 coils, having the settings open is so satisfying and having it tighter is a burst of flavor. With the 1.0 ohm coils, I can imagine ALOT of smokers being satisfied with this tight, cool and satisfying hit.

But the airflow settings. Sometimes you want a draw that's in the middle of both of the settings. At times you want more of an open airflow, and the open setting is perfect. Sometimes you want a nice tight and crisp draw, then the tighter setting is sublime. But I find that there are times that you want a draw that is not too tight and not too loose, and this device cannot do that.

But do not let that discourage you from pursuing the Caliburn Collection! The Caliburn G and the Koko Prime are AMAZING products. They are the exact same devices in different forms, and the Koko Prime not having a fire button. For those smokers that want more of a similar feeling of picking up a cigarette and having a drag, this is a great device.

I do not have any negative remarks regarding the Koko Prime, truly a great product! 5/5 Stars in my opinion and I do recommend anyone on the fence about trying one for yourself! Go for it, dive into the Koko Prime and be satisfied by the product.

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